Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Dear patient, companions and visitors; If you are a patient of FLORYA HOSPITAL, you have the right to

In order to be more useful to you and get the best results from your treatment, you need to know your rights and responsibilities to be in cooperation with our employees, especially with our health care team, during the time you receive health services from our hospital. For all your requests, opinions and suggestions regarding our hospital, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can send an e-mail to “patient communication unit” or you can reach “patient communication unit” on 0850 340 73 33 phone and share your views.


  • 1) Right to Benefit from Services Our patients who receive health care have the right to benefit from all services without distinction of language, religion, race or sect and to be informed about the diagnosis and treatment facilities offered by our hospital and how to access these services.

  • 2) Right to Get Information Our patients have the right to be informed about the proposed medical interventions and the potential risks or benefits of each intervention, the alternatives, and the consequences of refusing treatment.

  • 3) Right to know, Select and change personnel Our patients have the right to learn, select and change the identities, duties and titles of doctors, nurses and other health care personnel responsible for their own treatment.

  • 4) The right to elect and choose the institution Our patients have the right to choose and evaluate the health institution and its foundation on the condition that they comply with the procedures and conditions of the legislation to which it is attached.

  • 5) Right to refuse treatment The patient has the right to refuse or suspend the treatment which is planned or being applied to him or her, except in cases where it is legally obligatory and the responsibility of the adverse consequences that may arise belongs to the patient.

  • 6) Right to Privacy Our patients have the right to receive services in a privacy environment during the entire treatment process. Health status, medical condition and personal information of all individuals who apply to our hospital are kept confidential even after their death.

  • 7) Right to be respected Our patients have the right to be examined and treated in a respectful, enthusiastic and friendly environment by protecting their personal reputation at all times and under all circumstances.

  • 8) Right to Ask For Consultation (Second Interview/ Consultation) Our patients have the right to call a physician from the Consul on diagnosis and treatment. The Consul recommends the treatment of the physician, but the patient's first physician gives consent to the treatment.

  • 9) Right to Perform Religious Obligations Our patients have the right to freely perform their religious duties without any religious differences unless they interfere with treatment.

  • 10) Right to Security Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family.

  • 11) The right to have a companion and a visitor Our patients have the right to accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles set forth by our hospital and to have an escort.

  • 12) The Right to Determine the Priority Order Where there is limited opportunities for service, priority is determined based on medical criteria and objectively. Emergency patients, disabled patients, judicial cases, seniors, children and pregnant women, painful patients have the right to receive priority care.

  • 13) Communication Rights If a patient does not understand the official language, he / she has the right to ask for an interpreter for communication purposes.

  • 14) Right to report complaints, opinions and suggestions The patient and patient family have the right to initiate, review, finalize and be informed of the results of the complaints mechanism at our hospital in case of violation of patient rights.

  • 15) Prohibition of Intervention outside Medical Requirements Without the purpose of diagnosis, treatment or protection, nothing can be done or requested that could lead to death or life hazard or violate the integrity of the body, impair mental or physical strength.

  • 16) Euthanasia Ban Euthanasia is forbidden. It is indispensable to the right to life, regardless of the medical condition, to bet or whatever. No one can put an end to his life, even if he or someone else demands it.

Patient Responsibilities

  • 1) Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of our hospital.
  • 2) Our patients are responsible for complying with the precautions and rules of the hospital in cases of noise, visitors, smoke etc.
  • 3) The patient and the patient relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all the precautions that are suggested to them so as not to spread the infection.
  • 4) Our patients are responsible for paying the inspection and treatment expenses. Our patients and relatives who intentionally damage fixtures and consumables have the responsibility to pay for it.
  • 5) Our patients have the responsibility to accept as few visitors as possible at the same time; the visitors are not to bring food, drinks, not use items belonging to other patients, and adhere to the hospital visit time.
  • 6) Our patients have the responsibility to provide information about complaints, previous illnesses, treatments and medical interventions, if any, currently used drugs and health information as complete and accurate as possible.
  • 7) Our patients have the responsibility to comply with the rules and practices and to act with a participatory approach and to be aware that it is part of the diagnostic and treatment team.
  • 8) Our patients have the responsibility to come to the control of the period determined by the physician and to give feedback on the course of treatment.
  • 9) Our patients have the responsibility to comply with the date and time of the appointment and to report the changes to the relevant place.
  • 10) The patients who are granted priority in accordance with the relevant legislation have the responsibility to respect the rights of other patients and staff.
  • 11) Our patients have the responsibility not to conduct verbal and physical attacks on the personnel.
  • 12) he / she has the responsibility to apply to the “patient communication unit” when he / she thinks that his / her rights have been violated or has problems.


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